Welcome to HOPE Midwives!

*All Midwives are:
-FULLY FUNDED by Alberta Health Care
-offer choice of birth place: home, hospital or Lucina Birth Center
-can take up to 40 clients per year
-do not need a referral from a doctor
-do not have 
privileges at the Grey Nuns or Misicordia Hospital
-you must be pregnant to be on a wait list or fill out an intake form

*When Pregnant: 
-please fill out our intake form

-we are unable to do interviews
-we do not travel more then 30 minutes for births or postpartum visits
-we do not take clients due between June 15th - Sept 15th
-we prioritize first time moms, VBACs, and repeat clients
-our two clinics are located in Sherwood Park

*If you can't get a midwife, there is an Edmonton Wait List, that all midwives can access: 



Birth is not just about the outcome, but about the experience, informed choice, individual care, support, empowerment, and a gentle, natural, physiological birth.