Sent Home

My first daughter (see "Looked like a Dancer" for second daughter): 

A few weeks before my due date I  started to feel some light cramping similar to period cramps, which started close to bedtime. I went to bed as usual   to rest and tried not get too excited! The cramps continued the next day, growing slowly in frequency and intensity. Near the end of that second day I started to call the cramps contractions. I had been resting as much as I could all day, drinking, eating, and bathing. 

By midnight on that second night the contractions were feeling intense and I supposed that I was in transition when I threw up. My husband and I called our Midwife, Heidi, and met her and Sam at the hospital soon after. In a bed on my side, as the contractions came I would wave my arm and moan. After three hours of this I was getting tired and a bit discouraged since I thought the baby would have been born shortly after we got to the hospital. A cervical check revealed that I was only dilated 3 cm. I was very disappointed and suddenly even more exhausted. I had expected to be around 8 or 9 cm. 

Heidi suggested we head home to labour and call her when something changed. Before leaving she gave me a dose of morphine and Gravol. I had wanted a completely natural birth but at that point I was so tired and so disappointed that I didn't care so much anymore! I hadn't been able to keep down water or food for at least five hours at that point. It felt like I would be labouring indefinitely! 

From 4 AM onwards I laid on our living room floor rolling around occasionally, extending my limbs, moaning, only semi-awake. Around 7 AM I needed to go to the bathroom, where I saw that something was coming out of my body which resembled a lightbulb, but larger. I had no idea what it was and immediately called out to my husband to wake up, take a picture and send it to Heidi. He did so and we immediately received a call from her. She said the baby would be born soon (afterwards she told us that "lightbulb" was actually the bag of waters coming out in tact). 

I arrived to the maternity ward before the midwives and let myself into a bath while I waited for them. While I was in the tub I thought I could feel the baby's head crowning so I stood up, unsure of what to do in there by myself. A nurse came in and was telling me to come out of the bathtub, and I was saying "can I please stay in here?"; we had this exchange about five times before Heidi & Sam arrived

Thankfully Heidi & Same arrived, giving me permission to sit in the bathtub. I sat down and didn't feel like bearing down because I could feel my body pushing the baby out already. I tried to breathe and work with my body. Indeed my body was pushing the baby out and in a minute or two she was born! Our daughter was born right around 7:30 AM in the bathtub. 

I healed very well postpartum and enjoyed our baby very much! I also stayed home for a full week as suggested by Heidi, which was great for us as a family to rest and focus on getting to know each other.