Tara Tilroe, RM


I’m thrilled to be able to offer women in the Edmonton area safe, supportive maternity care with HOPE Midwives! I am a mother of three, and wife to a very accommodating husband who is willing to fill in when I am running out the door to a birth J My personal faith gives me the perspective that life is precious, that wisdom can be gained from each experience (challenging or ideal), and that everything is not always within my control.

My initial fascination with pregnancy and childbirth began early on in my life as I read my mom's "hippy" childbirth books, in which pregnancy and birth were portrayed as normal, natural, wonderful events. That perspective and my awe of a woman's ability to "grow" a baby followed me into my teens, and when considering future career options, I identified my desire to work with women through pregnancy and childbirth. Over the years, that aspiration took shape and transitioned into something broader than simply an interest in being a part of bringing new life into the world. It has become about educating families, supporting true choice, and rejoicing with women as they experience triumph in whatever form it comes. As my calling became clear, I recognized that my desire to support mothers and promote natural childbirth was best served practicing as a midwife.

Before starting my own family, I took my first doula-training course in 1997. Many years working as a doula brought me to the recognition that the way a woman was treated during this transformational time in life could affect their confidence in parenting and the emotional connection with their child. This realization fuelled my passion to provide educational, compassionate, and supportive care through the process of women becoming mothers. In addition to this focus, the birth of my three children at home with midwives served to confirm my deeply held belief that birth is powerful, transformational, and should be defined as “normal” for low-risk women. The altering effect of pregnancy and childbirth – and the triumph of accomplishing what was felt to be impossible - is something that I believe impacts family bonding and the relationship between spouses. My desire to see women treated with respect and compassion, and for parents to have truly informed choice led me to begin my midwifery studies, which I completed in May of 2011.

Midwifery care is about so much more than measuring tummies and catching babies, although that is certainly a joyful part of my job! It is truly about walking alongside women who are becoming mothers and supporting them through this transformational time. The memories of experiences in pregnancy and childbirth stay with each woman in a unique way. It is important for women to have the opportunity to explore their options, make the decisions that are right for them and their families, and to take ownership of their choices. Pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period may not follow a perfect plan, but with the right perspective, they can be positive experiences.