Heidi Coughlin, RM


Heidi Coughlin, RM

I first became interested in becoming a midwife when I was on a missions trip in Kenya with my dad (a doctor) who was put in charge of high risk obstetrics. One night a pregnant women was in a car accident and had to go to the operating room for an emergency cesarean section. It was not safe for me to stay home alone, so I went with my dad and sat outside the operating room. When the surgeon walked by he told me to scrub in as they needed extra hands. My dad shook his head no and said, "she faints at the sight of blood and throws up when others throw up." I went into the operating room and it was life changing. The baby was born premature and was little, but alive and thriving. The next day I spent her time helping feed/care for the baby while the mother of the baby healed. It didn't take long before I was spending every day after school and started working with the nurse-midwives who cared for all the low risk women.

After high school I took my Bachelor of Nursing  at the University of Alberta. I worked for a year in Labor & Delivery at the Grey Nuns and 9 years in Labor and Delivery at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. While working as a nurse, I taught prenatal classes, birthed my daughter Emma, attended many midwifery conferences, and joined the Aspiring Midwives of Edmonton. When my daughter started grade one, it was finally time for both my husband Jason and I to pursue our dreams. I graduated from midwifery school Spring 2010 and Jason is a family doctor at Synergy Wellness Center in Sherwood Park.

The name HOPE stands for "Helping Others by Prayer and Encouragement". The photo logo represents my belief pregnancy is an amazing gift and a gentle birth is the best gift that you can give your baby. No matter what your story...there is HOPE! 

I am a mom, a wife, a Christian and I love home birth. I am all about choice and am dedicated to undisturbed birth. My hobbies include: running, photography, going out to eat, going to movies, going to the spa, scuba diving, traveling, sewing, planning/hosting parties, and hanging out with friends.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family!