Brianne Luscombe


I am a mother of three wonderful girls. It wasn’t even until the pregnancy of my first daughter that I learned about midwifery. I am the oldest of 5 children and thought I understood pregnancy and birth and the options available. However, it was my husband that opened my eyes to the options of midwifery care. My love for choices, information, discussions, and home birth instantly took shape. From that moment I couldn’t get enough of the birth world and started down the path towards becoming a midwife.

My previous career was massage therapy, and I loved working with different clients and seeing the growth and healing effects massage has. My massage career led me to do prenatal and postpartum massage therapy, where I eventually became a doula. I encourage massage throughout pregnancy, postpartum and life in general. When possible, I enjoy incorporating massage as a tool available during labor.

I grew up in Ontario and moved to Edmonton in 2009. My husband is military, and we started our family in Edmonton. We moved back to Ontario so I could attend midwifery school at Laurentian University and did placements at rural practices within Ontario. My final year of school, I worked on the Alongside Midwifery Unit which is the new midwifery led unit at Markham-Stouffville Hospital. It was a great learning experience to work in such a wonderful team environment, and at such a ground breaking unit. 

For me, midwifery is about supporting couples become families, women become moms, and watching the growth in people. I believe labor takes strength and trust; trust that your body knows what to do and the strength to let go. Midwifery is the balance between helping you trust your body and knowing when to intervene to assist you. I found as a client and a midwife, the biggest way to trust your body or have the strength to make tough decisions is to understand you options. I believe the knowing your midwife and informed choice discussions helps you make the choices that are best for your family. I love midwifery, I love learning each persons wishes, I love feeling bellies, and I love listening to every fetal heart beat. I really love seeing the strength of women and couples as they become a family.

My family is 3 young girls who love the outdoors. I have a love for mountains, rock climbing, and being active. I am looking forward to family camping, hiking, bike rides and lots of book reading. I have missed Edmonton, and am excited to be back, where everything started for me.