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Placenta Smoothie

My experience on placentophagy.

With my first child I had my placenta encapsulated, I was never sure how to
best use the pills so I do not believe that they reached the full potential they
could have. I am sure that if somebody used the pills properly they could
have the same benefits that I found with my second baby.

When I got pregnant with my second I decided to fully utilize it and chose to
have it all raw within the first 5 days. My midwife made the first smoothie
within hours of birth using just orange juice, banana, frozen berries and of
course the placenta. I did not taste the placenta in it at all, it seems
unbelievable and I was so nervous about this beforehand, but it just tasted
like a berry smoothie. The only obstacle I had in drinking the smoothies were
the following days when I prepared it myself and saw the chopped up
placenta­ it was difficult, but doable, mentally to block the image of the
placenta while I was drinking it. But it never had a taste. I cannot be certain
what to credit to the placenta or what is typical of a second baby, but here
are the notable differences in this birth:

1) My milk came in within 16 hours of birth, compared to 5 days before it did
with my first

2) I was outside at the park with my kids within 10 days, compared to staying
in bed for several weeks with my first.

3) I had the "baby blues" for the first 6 weeks with my first, with my second I
felt balanced and happy despite 100% more non­baby related stress in my
life at the same time.

4) The midwife commented at my 3 day appointment that me and baby were
acting like birth had been 3 weeks ago, not days. Baby was extremely alert
very quickly.

I did not feel that it helped much with the post­partum cramping pain, but that
does not mean that it wouldn't work for someone else. I would absolutely do
this again if I have another baby!