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My second daughter (see Sent Home for first daughter):

About two weeks before my daughter was due I woke up at 2 AM to go to the bathroom and after laying back down in bed I felt a rush of water release from my body. I gave our Midwife, Heidi a call and reported that my water had broke with no unusual colour or odour. We all went back to bed to rest up. In the morning I rested in bed in-between eating and drinking copiously. 

I was able to squeeze in an appointment with my acupuncturist around noon and she gave me a treatment to encourage labour. The contractions were very mild and tolerable. Afterwards I went for a walk and by the time my husband and I returned home the contractions were  increasing significantly in intensity. Because my first labour had felt quite lengthy, well beyond what I anticipated, I mentally prepared myself for a long road. 

My husband had texted Heidi about my progress and they both thought that we should be heading to the hospital even as it was only early afternoon. I protested this as I didn't want to go too early as I did with my first child (and then being very discouraged when I was sent home). However, I heeded their reasoning and we set out. About an hour after we got to the hospital my second daughter was born in a birthing pool. 

The labour felt intense but very manageable. My mom was with us and after the birth she told me that I looked like a dancer moving and floating around during my contractions, which I don't remember doing, but I really did like having the pool. When the contractions were very intense I tried to exhale, sigh, and moan the way I do in yoga to release tension and that was helpful for me to focus on. 

I was so glad that Heidi somehow knew that the timing was right and got us set up for a wonderful peaceful birth. We were very happy with her guidance in both of our daughter's births, our confidence in Heidi's competency is rock solid. We are so grateful for her & Tara's prenatal education, birthing expertise/finesse (in the intensity of labour I hasn't even noticed Tara arrive, and she was also very helpful and calming), and postpartum care. Thank you HOPE Midwives !!