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Hotel Birth

"My husband and I are from Fort McMurray, and unfortunately, there are no midwives in our community.

When we conceived our first child in March 2011, we decided to use HOPE Midwives in Edmonton, even though it required a 1,000 kilometre round trip for prenatal appointments, and meant that we would be birthing our baby in a hotel suite.

You can read the story of our daughter, Sydney's birth on the HOPE midwives website also.

When Sydney was 11 months old we found out we were 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. We immediately contacted HOPE Midwives and were taken on as Tara's clients, which was so great because she had assisted Heidi at Sydney's birth. Our 20 week ultrasound showed that we were expecting a son & we were thrilled! We continued doing the familiar trips from Fort McMurray to Edmonton for our prenatal appointments, and then moved into our rental condo 2 weeks prior to the due date. 

This time we waited 5 days past the due date and were relieved when the pressure waves started at 3pm on July 11th while we were on a lunch date. We went grocery shopping and returned home to pack up Sydney's things and send her to her grandparents' for the night. Tara arrived to set up the birthing pool and I was very determined to remain relaxed, and to use my hypnobabies techniques even more efficiently than I did at Sydney's birth. I didn't want to experience any frustrations over dilation and I did not want to tear this time (sitting the 500km drive home to Fort McMurray 5 days after Sydney's birth 19 months earlier had been torture and the weeks of recovery was so very painful that I said many times during those weeks after her birth that, "I'd rather give birth 10 times over than deal with this pain!"). Heidi had arrived to assist, and at 9:30pm as I was getting ready to get in the birthing pool, I felt myself going through transition. This time instead of leaning back against the pool, I spent most of my time leaning forward and trying to stay in squatting position as much as possible. 

My husband and the midwives were such an amazing support team & I was so happy to be feeling so calm and strong this time. I never once asked how dilated I was, but at 11:15pm I felt the urge to push, and to my surprise Heidi said, "yes, go ahead when you are ready!" I did a couple pushing phases and heard Dwight say, "I can see his face!" I said, "I want to see"! So he took a photo with his phone and showed it to me! I saw this wrinkly little face in the water and I was so excited! At 11:35pm, and only 2 more pushes later, our son, Dominic Xavier was born! He was almost 2 pounds heavier than my daughter, but I found it MUCH easier to bring him into this world, and I only had a tiny tear and didn't need stitches. I remember sitting back in the pool to bring Dominic to my chest and saying excitedly, "It doesn't hurt to sit!" And we all laughed! Dominic and I enjoyed a wonderful first nursing session in bed and slept soundly that night. I woke in the morning feeling refreshed, excited and happily surprised that I was able to sit and move without feeling pain. That afternoon, My parents brought Sydney over to meet her new little brother and she couldn't stop kissing and hugging him!

2 days later we drove the 500km to Fort McMurray and started life at home as a family of four. The thousands of kilometres that we have driven to bring our children into the world using midwifery care was worth it! We are blessed to have had such amazing pre & post-partum care by HOPE Midwives, and to have experienced the most beautiful birthings of our babies! We are so grateful to God for allowing us the chance to be clients of Tara & Heidi at HOPE Midwives and to have testimonies of calm, natural and empowering births!

We have recently moved to Edmonton and are looking forward to birthing our future children AT HOME without having to drive thousands of kilometres! We are also excited to have a basement suite where our friends from Fort McMurray that are using midwives in Edmonton can come and stay and birth their babies without having to worry about the high cost of a hotel or rental home. We hope that in this way we can help make Midwifery Care a more accessible and financially possible method of care for pregnant women from Fort McMurray! Because it is definitely worth the drive.