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Pushing...still pushing

My Birth Story:

Birth was the single best experience of my life. The reason being it brought me my
Son. Here is how the story went.:

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, impatiently waiting, waiting waiting…

Would it ever end? Since the baby had been sitting so low for a couple weeks before
my due date I imagined him coming early ( ha ha ha – never do this!) So when
my due date came and went I was a little frustrated. Being already and impatient
person every day seemed like an eternity. People tried to be positive and give me
advice like “enjoy your time” Enjoy my time? That is the exact opposite way I would
describe what I did with my time. Heidi didn’t seem to be too worried so I tried not
to be either but at some point every day feels like an eternity, every night I would
go to bed hoping and praying I would wake up in labor and every morning I would
wake up disappointed that it didn’t happen. Would it ever end?

Oh I think I forgot to say what the worst part was for me…. Christmas was
approaching and I was hoping to have this baby as FAR away from Christmas as
possible. So as Christmas kept getting closer and closer Heidi and I began to talk
about my options. I really didn’t want to be induced so I wanted to put that off as
long as possible, although I was starting to think, anything to get this baby out! I
took a herbal concoction at 41 weeks 6 days at noon. By 2:00 I was cramping bad.
I didn’t know if this was labor or just a side effect of the concoction. I timed them
and by 5 I was pretty sure things were regular. I was in contact with Heidi and just
watched movies with my husband and tried to relax. I kept wondering if I was in
labor or not. I don’t really remember the timing I just remember thinking I really I
hope I have this baby tonight because tomorrow is Christmas Eve – ya, that didn’t
happen…. I told my husband to call Heidi but I don’t remember what time, she
came and was just pretty quiet and allowed me to just do labor. In the pool, in the
bed, some moaning, some silence. I looked at the clock a few times and couldn’t
believe how much time was passing and that I wasn’t progressing quicker. I was
5cm dilated before I was even in labor so as much as I tried not to think it I expected
labor to progress a BIT faster then it was. Finally the other midwife arrived and I
had been feeling the urge to push a little. A bit of my cervix hadn’t quite cleared, and
this is when things really started to feel like they were taking forever! Was it really
starting to get light out? This wasn’t supposed to take THIS long. Then the cervix
finally cleared out all the way and I was pushing

Pushing, pushing. Pushing, pushing, pushing… STILL PUSHING

The baby was not coming down! They attempted using the TENS machine but it
didn’t really do anything ( I don’t think) I really wanted to have this baby at home
and I felt like I was pushing with all my might in every different position imaginable.
I could see his head his hair… I was so close! But Eventually Heidi told me that it had
been almost 3 hours and it was probably time to head to the hospital. I said just let
me try a few more minutes but my contractions were coming with less and less
frequency and they said it was time to head to the hospital. I was really
disappointed as I wanted to be at home with the baby and the going to the hospital
felt like giving up. Not to mention that the car ride there was not looking very
attractive in my state. I remember the contractions were becoming unbearable on
the drive to the hospital and I was thinking in my head how many more I thought I
would have to endure before it was going to be over. We got to the hospital and the
contractions were really starting to become unbearable because I felt like I had
given up. I had some tears but Heidi and my husband were very encouraging and
things seemed to progress very quickly. The whole thing was very overwhelming.
Lots of questions being asked, IV’s getting put in, measurement taken. I felt like I
had people all around me poking and prodding me and I was really starting to lose
control.. I looked at Heidi as I didn’t know what to say or do. She was very
supportive and I felt so comfortable having her there to oversea what was
happening. Heidi knew exactly what I wanted and she made sure that I still got as
many details of my birth plan the way I wanted them that I could. Forceps
happened… two pushes and he was out. I had him on my chest and shortly after
breastfed him. Heidi was so supportive and stayed with me the whole time and
advocated for me even though she wasn’t really my care provider anymore. I am so
grateful for her. Even though my labor didn’t go how I had planned, it is the best
experience of my life thus far. Heidi was a huge part of helping make that day so