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Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

The first signs of labour began at 2am on the baby’s due date of May 3rd when I got up to go to the washroom and came back into our bedroom to get a gush of water.  I was not willing to accept that it was labour at first as we had heard many rumours of false contractions for days before labour started.  I texted Heidi right away (just in case) and was shocked by how quickly she responded for this time in the middle of the night.  It brought me such peace that she was so attentive!  We had just finished preparing our home for baby’s arrival the day before and had a relaxing night.  Funny enough, we had several pieces of furniture still piled up in front of the main entrance to our home blocking the main entry to the house. 

I went back to sleep quickly and slept several hours before contractions started.  At this time I decided I should start to wake up my husband and get his support more.  We had learned in prenatal classes about hip squeezes and these seemed to bring the most relief. 

It was also rather comical that my next appointment with Heidi for a checkup was scheduled for May 3rd so that something meaningful would happen on this day marked on many calendars as this baby’s potential birth date.  I had convinced many friends and family that they should not get their hopes up for this baby to be born on her due date.  It had been suggested that daughters follow the pattern of their mothers for how early or late a baby will arrive.  I was determined that baby would be 3 weeks late and had convinced our doula of this as well.  It seems that God had other plans!

At about 6:30am I was done with lying in bed so my husband brought me a snack and made the call to work saying that he would not be in that day.  I drank the energy drinks to get me through the day, which my husband was very good at keeping up with offering me.  I called the doula and there was a lot of uncertainty in our conversation as to when we needed more support.    Later in the morning the doula was very helpful in offering wisdom on what type of positions to try based on the type of pain that I was feeling.  At 11:00 am I was feeling tired again so I decided to go lie down in bed for a little while.  This quickly ended when my water broke (again!) once I had lain down.  Once I reached this point, contractions got closer together and the discomfort was greater.  At 11:30am I was feeling like I needed to push already.  At 11:50am I was ready for something for pain so my husband called Heidi and got some advice on how to take the homeopathetic Arnica pills.  The pills seemed to quickly work to bring some comfort as swelling decreased.

Our doula arrived at about 12:20pm after several phone calls back and forth.  The doula realized how far I actually was in labour, although I doubted it myself.  She was quick to set up the birth pool and fill it with water. Heidi arrived at about 12:40pm and was quick to set up her equipment and get caught up on what stage of labour I was at.  I was not anxious at all about Heidi showing up at this point in labour.  She brought her instrument to measure the baby’s heartbeat, but baby had already dropped so far down that she could not locate the heartbeat.  We would just have to trust this baby’s health to the good Lord! Heidi and the doula both supported my arms as I made the few steps to the birth pool.

Once in the birth pool, pushing to get baby’s head out seemed relatively easy, but once I was past this point I was out of energy.  I needed a lot of encouraging words to get this final push out.  I was in shock when this baby was fully out and was not sure what to do.  Baby was checked and we discovered she was a baby girl!  I hugged and snuggled Keziah against my chest and rubbed her back.  Keziah Joy Wanke was born at 1:02pm weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces and 22inches long in her room at home.

Tara Tilroe, a backup for Heidi, arrived just after Keziah was born.  She was so helpful and encouraging as the doula and Heidi had to find a way to quickly warm up mom and baby as mom was shivering in the birth pool (mostly from shock).  Tara and the doula finally settled on boiling some water to add to the birth pool while Heidi set up a warm bed with a heating pad for mom and baby to transfer to after a quick rinse off shower.  Heidi arranged for me to be able to deliver the placenta in the bed once contractions started in my uterus and this was a peaceful environment.   Our new family had some nice quite time snuggling in our bed and making phone calls to family to announce Keziah’s arrival.  The doula made up a quick snack for mommy to give me some energy.  About 30 minutes after Keziah’s birth Heidi brought her equipment to my bedroom and was able to do 2 stitches to repair some minor tearing while I was lying in bed.  It seemed like it was so much less invasive when she was able to do this stitching in the comfort of my own bedroom.

I then discovered that Heidi had been at a birth at 2am when I had originally sent her the first text at 2am in the morning.  She had amazing sense to tell that when my husband had called her at 11:50am to ask for instruction on how I should take the Arnica medication to help with swelling, she knew that she should head over to our home sooner that she had originally planned.  (Heidi had first planned to not arrive until about 13:10.)  Later as the doula and midwives discussed this birth they determined that baby’s head was tilted slightly when labour started and later she moved her head which explained why it felt like my water broke twice!  We thank God for the help of this wonderful birth team who assisted us in the safe arrival of our blessed daughter.