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Car Ride Helps No Progress

When my boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant, we knew we wanted to do things the natural way. I have always found water and baths to be a sense of grounding, calming and relaxation. So when we discussed our ideal birth it was almost natural to say I wanted a water birth. However, we originally had difficulty finding a midwife and didn’t get prenatal care with Heidi until 31 weeks. But once we had Heidi on our side, the dream of a home water birth was actually an option.

I woke up to contractions at 2 am and was unable to go back to sleep, I sat up watching movies and trying to distract myself. At 6am I email Heidi to let her know that I thought I was in early labour and that today would be the day! At about 9:45 am I called the Doula, Bethany, to let her know that I had been having contractions that were 10 minutes apart. At about noon, my contractions had slowed right down and I thought it might just have been false labour. So I had something for lunch and decided to go for a nice warm bath to relax. I then decided to text the Heidi and Bethany to let them know the contractions had slowed down and I was just going to try to get some rest. After my bath I decided I would get some sleep. I curled into bed around 1:30pm.

I woke up at 4:00pm with the contractions back and stronger than before. This time they were about 6 minutes apart. I waited a while and tried to ignore them thinking it was false labour again. At 9pm we called the Doula to let her know that I was getting uncomfortable. A couple hours later we decided to call Heidi. Once the pool was set up I started labouring in there, and it felt more relaxing and less difficult. Once Heidi arrived she checked me and baby and we are both doing great and sounding healthy. As my labour continues, my pain is felt more and more through my right quad muscle. Heidi tries to give me positions in the pool to make it feel more comfortable through the contraction. The baby is moving all over the place during the entire labour. She doesn’t want to lay still.

At about 2:00 Heidi to check my progress and I was 5cm dilated and 100% effaced. My contractions were still strong and 3-4 minutes apart. Heidi suggests that we leave the pool for a while and try something different. She suggests we head upstairs and try napping between contractions. At about 4 am I decided I wanted to get back into the pool. The contractions seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, and eventually I started to transition and began vomiting. Heidi to checks me once again, and I was still 5 cm however, my bag of waters was in the way. We decided to have her break my water in hopes that this we help progress the labour. I was then checked again about an hour later and was still at 5cm and the baby’s head was pushing down into my cervix causing it to swell. Heidi decided that I should continue labouring out of the pool because I needed to bring the baby’s head away from my cervix to allow it time to finish dilating. She suggested doing contractions with my head on the floor and my butt in the air. After doing these contractions I started to once again vomit while labouring in the pool. Heidi checked me again around 7:45 am to find that I was still only 5cm dilated. At this point, Heidi suggested we transfer to the hospital because I had been 5cm for over 6 hours and

labour didn’t seem to be progressing. She suggested moving to hospital to get an epidural to help the muscle relax while would hopefully allow the cervix to dilate.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:15am, Heidi got me admitted into a room. She went and found the OB that was on staff that day to get approval for the epidural, and get it ordered. I had been really feeling feeling the urge to push and was really wishing I had my pool available. Heidi decided to check me before the epidural arrived, and shockingly I was at 8cm dilated. Once Heidi realized this, she suggested I cancel the epidural and try to labour without it, as previously planned however, she gave me the okay to start to gently push while in the shower.

At 10 am I started to push on the bed. It was suggested that I push in a squat position however, my legs were exhausted and I didn’t think I would be able to stand on my own. With assistance from the midwives, doula and boyfriend we made the squat position successful. During each contraction I was having spasms in my right quad, and after each contraction I would have spasms in my lower back. Finally, the Heidi announced she could see the head. The baby’s head was getting stuck at by the muscle at the lowest part of my perineum which wouldn’t stretch to allow her head to be pushed through. Heidi and my boyfriend were stretching and massaging my perineum between contractions and pulling my perineum during contractions to allow more room for delivery. Finally her head managed to push through, and my boyfriend caught her. He was shocked at this point and Heidi took over as I did the final push to help her arrive. She was immediately placed on my belly and covered with a blanket.

Chloe was born at 12:22am November 23, 2011. However, my process continued. I was bleeding really heavily from the length and how hard labour was. The midwives tried to assist the placenta out quickly before too much bleeding occurred. My boyfriend was able to cut the cord and finally the placenta was pulled out. My bleeding continued and I was given a shot of Oxytocin to help my blood clot. The medication worked and they were able to get everything under control.

Once we were able to relax, I started to breast feed. Chloe was then checked over by Heidi and weighed at 6lbs 9ozs and 20cm long. I was able to shower and Chloe was dressed. We all, happily, left the hospital at 2:30pm to go home for some long needed rest.

Looking back at the labour, it wasn’t what we had hoped for, or dreamed of however, with the help of Heidi we were all healthy and happy. Thank you Heidi for the great work and helping us bring this bundle of love into the world. We couldn’t have achieved what we did without your dedication to my goals and wants (even when I gave up on myself).