Belly Measured 46cm!

Léo Lucas Martin-LeBlanc (Baby #2)
*See also Baby #1 Water Broke - Meconium & Baby #3 Soaked My Pants

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 – When we were walking to the park with Louis, I felt more
pelvic cramping and pressure. Something shifted!

Friday, May 9, 2014 – We had our 40-week midwife appointment. Heidi checked me
for the first time and I was 3 cm dilated. I also measured 46 cm! After the
appointment, I had lots of cramping.

Saturday, May 10, 2014 – Your due date! You were 40 weeks old.

Sunday, May 11, 2014 – Mother’s Day.  My mucous plug released!

Monday, May 12, 2014 – I had pink spotting in the morning. Eric and baby Edson came
over for a visit in the morning and while we were chatting, I started thinking that
the cramping I was feeling might be contractions. We had a chiropractor
appointment at 11:00am, so we left at 10:30am and I realized in the car that the
cramping was likely contractions! We started timing them and they were between 5-
10 minutes apart. By the time we were being adjusted at the chiropractor office,
the contractions were about 4 minutes apart. On the drive home, Papa and I were
thinking about getting a latte to waste a bit of time, but as we got closer to our
house, I decided it would be a better idea to go straight home and avoid the lunch
rush hour traffic! Between noon and 1:00pm, the contractions were consistently 2-3
minutes apart. We called our midwife, Heidi, and our doula, Mitzi, to let them know
what was going on. The contractions were taking my breath away, but they were
manageable. In the meantime, Papa put your brother Louis down for his afternoon

At 1:30pm, my water broke! I had a contraction in the kitchen and felt a pop and
there was a big gush of water down my leg! It soaked my pants! What a sensation! So
crazy! And the great news was that the fluid was clear (no meconium)! Yippee!
While I was breathing through contractions, Papa had called your Parrain Eric and
Marraine Traci to see if they could look after your brother Louis after he woke up
from his nap. He arranged it so that Parrain Eric would take Louis to the park right
after his nap, and Marraine Traci would meet them at the park and take Louis home
with her for the afternoon.

Mitzi arrived around 2:00pm and started setting up the birth pool in the living room.
I continued to walk around and breathe through each contraction. I was wandering in
and out of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. At one point, Mitzi asked whether
the contractions were getting more intense because my water had broke. I didn’t
think so, mentioning that they didn’t seem to be as close together. Mitzi mentioned
that usually contractions get more intense. Just as she said that, the contractions
started getting more intense! My breathing was becoming a lot more labored and I
was starting to get warm. At one point, in the kitchen, I was leaning over the
counter, breathing through a contraction, and Papa started massaging my back. It
felt SO good! Then I got emotional and started crying silently. Everything was
becoming more intense and I appreciated Papa’s support. Then I walked into the
living room, another contraction was starting and I leaned on the coffee table but
didn’t like the feeling so went to lean on the piano because it was taller. The next
thing I knew I was on the floor and Papa and Mitzi were talking to me!!! I had
fainted!!! I felt like I had been dreaming. Luckily, Papa was close to me when I
fainted and he caught me before I hit the ground. He was very concerned about our
wellbeing; with Mitzi’s help, he laid me on the floor on my side, put a cold cloth on my
forehead, and thankfully I woke up! Mitzi asked me if I knew where I was, to which
I responded “at home.” Then she asked if I knew what day it was, to which I
responded “May 12.” I remember Mitzi asking Papa for some sugar to make sure my
sugar levels were okay. I then realized that I must have fainted. Then I heard your
brother Louis on the monitor, waking up from his nap. So much was happening all at
once! I was a bit worried that Louis would see me laying on the floor, but Parrain
Eric had perfect timing and had just arrived to take Louis to the park! Louis left the
house immediately with Parrain Eric and then Papa and Mitzi continued taking care
of me.

Papa and Mitzi eventually got me off the floor and we started walking to the
bedroom for me to lie down on the bed. But then Heidi arrived with the back up
midwife Tara, and Heidi said it was okay if I wanted to go in the birth pool. So back
we went to the living room and I got into the birth pool. The warm water helped a
little bit, but the cramping I was feeling in the front was still very intense!!! Heidi
checked me at one point and I was 7-8 cm dilated. She mentioned that your head
seemed to be a bit malpositioned, which might explain all the intense cramping and
pressure I was feeling in the front of my pelvis. I remember thinking a lot of things
– “If I were in the hospital, I would TOTALLY take an epidural or have a c-section!”
and “Baby must be stuck!” and “I don’t know how I’m going to do this….” Strangely
enough, I thought about the midwife on the movie The Business of Being Born who
recalled her experience as someone who was trying to get away from herself. That
was exactly how I felt – I just wanted to run away from myself!!! At one point, I
said, “I just want to give up!” to which everyone responded “okay” and “great, get up
then” (they thought I said I wanted to “get up” not “give up”). I responded, “No! I
want to GIVE up!” Heidi then suggested I switch things up and go sit on the toilet or
do some stairs. Stairs?!?! Was she crazy?!?! Now I really thought something was
wrong, because the only person I knew who had to do stairs was someone whose
labour was really long and almost transferred to the hospital. Eventually I got out of
the pool and made it to the bathroom to sit on the toilet, as suggested. It definitely
was NOT comfortable. At various times on the way to the bathroom and then when
we left the bathroom, I would dangle my entire body off Papa’s shoulders – it sure
was a workout for him!!!

Mitzi asked if I wanted to go lay down on the bed and that sounded like the BEST
IDEA EVER to me! So we made our way to the bedroom, but then as we walked into
the room, I felt that there was nothing covering our carpet and I stopped to
mention to Papa that I was worried about the carpet (of all things to worry about at
that time!). Papa convinced me to continue to the bed and I eventually got on with
the help of Papa and Mitzi. They had me lay on my side – all I wanted was something
between my legs to keep them open, since I was feeling so much pressure. But then
Heidi told me they were going to have me drop my top leg over my bottom leg and
then push my hips together for a few contractions so that it would encourage you to
get your head straight for your grande exit! Well, what an intense sensation!!! I
thought they were killing me. They did it for three contractions and then I made
them stop, told them I was going to throw up, which is exactly what happened. I
vomited and my body starting pushing all at the same time (I vomited half in a towel
that Papa was holding and half on the floor, with a little bit on Papa for good
measure! There was no time to get a bucket!). Holy moly. My body was taking over
and you were coming out!!! Heidi, the positive person she is, said, “That’s good! Every
time you throw up, it’s like pushing 10 times!” Then every contraction I had I couldn’t
stop the pushing – you were coming out fast and I did everything I could to slow it
down by doing the suggested “ha, ha” breathing. Wow. I felt that “ring of fire” right
away and consistently until your whole head came out. I was sure that I would have
tearing (but ended up with no stitches at all!). Once your head was out, it was such a
relief! Then they moved me onto my back to wait for the next contraction for your
body to come out. With the next contraction, out came your body and the next thing
I knew, you were on top of my chest! You were SO warm, slippery, and beautiful. I
instantly put my arms around you and we cuddled. It was amazing. Having you in my
arms made me forget everything we just went through! You were lying there so calm
and relaxed, just looking around and taking it all in. You were SO beautiful sweetie.
It was all so awesome. We were such a great team. We did it!

Welcome to the world…Léo Lucas Martin-LeBlanc! We love you so much.
After you were born, I birthed the placenta, Papa cut the cord, and then Heidi and
Mitzi took the placenta to make an imprint for your scrapbook. What an amazing
organ! We had the placenta dehydrated and encapsulated by an acupuncturist to help
with hormone changes, iron levels, milk production, and the prevention of postpartum

Then you, me, and Papa hung out in our bedroom, just the three of us, for some time.
It was so lovely, just staring at your face, getting to know you, and enjoying each
other’s company. We ate crackers and cheese, apple pie, Papa made coffee for
everyone, and we all just relaxed. 

Eventually, Heidi and Mitzi came back into the room and we weighed and measured
you. Everyone had their weight guesses, with Heidi guessing 8 lbs 12 oz and Mitzi
guessing 8 lbs 13 oz. I thought you looked smaller than your brother Louis, but then
everyone told me you looked bigger. So I guessed 9 lbs 2 oz and the backup midwife
Tara guessed over 9 lbs. But the finally result was 8 lbs 13 oz - Mitzi was right!
Then, just before 8:00pm, Marraine Traci brought your brother Louis home. He was
happy to see Maman and Papa, but even more amazed to see you in our bedroom! He
was a little shy at first, but eventually joined in to sing “Happy Birthday” and “Bonne
Fête” to you and give you a kiss good night. The whole evening was perfect.
After cleaning up the house and doing our dishes and laundry, both Heidi and Mitzi
left for the evening. What an amazing support team!

While Papa was putting your brother Louis to bed, you and I hung out in the bedroom
just the two of us. It was so special. Eventually I tried seeing if you wanted some
breastmilk and you latched right away! It was perfect. You had a very powerful suck!
We’re so proud of you Léo Lucas. Welcome to our family. We love you so much
already. We can’t wait to get to know you even more. You are so special and so
beautiful. xoxo