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Midwifery care is about mutual respect. 
The mother is empowered to take responsibility for her own health and wellness.
It is family centered and prepares you for parenthood by having you make choices that are right for your family. 
Birth is not just about the outcome, but about the experience: informed choice, individual care and support, empowerment, and a gentle, natural, physiological birth.


HOPE Midwives is a primary care model of care: you will have one midwife for all your prenatal visits, labor, birth, and up to 6 weeks postpartum. You can only see your doctor for non-pregnancy related issues. A back up midwife from the community will be present at your birth as a second attendant and/or if your midwife is away. Except when away, your midwife is on call for you 24hrs/day. 

Midwives are experts in normal, healthy, low risk pregnancies and promote health of women and babies. Midwives are trained in CPR, neonatal resuscitation, and emergency skills. They are able to prescribe medications, order blood work, ultrasounds and genetic testing. Midwives carry emergency equipment with them, such as suction, oxygen, newborn resuscitation equipment, antibiotics, postpartum hemorrhage medications, intravenous equipment, baby scale, sutures, freezing etc.


If at any time there is something that is out of our scope of practice as a midwife (according to our registrant's handbook), we can refer you to a doctor or a midwifery friendly Obstetrician for a consultation or transfer of care.

First appointments are usually booked between 7-12 weeks. 
If you are wanting genetic testing done, it would be important to see us between 7-10 weeks. 
We can usually hear the babies heart rate for the first time around 10-12 weeks. 


Heidi & Brianne's Clinic: #215, 80 Chippewa Road, Sherwood Park (Dr. James R Adams office)

Tara's Clinic: 4113 Summerland Drive, Sherwood Park

HOPE Midwives uses a combination of Group Care and standard prenatal visits. You will have 1-2 individual appointments with your midwife and then once a month you will have 5 group care appointments, and then will see your midwife bi-weekly/weekly till the birth of your baby. If from Sherwood Park or within 30 minutes, you will be seen several times during the first week at your home (Day 1, Day 3 & Day 7), and then you will come into the office for a postpartum visit around 3 weeks and 6 weeks.  After 6 weeks baby and you will be discharged back to your family doctor and/or pediatrician.


Group Care gives you an opportunity to meet both Heidi and Tara, as well as other women who are due at the same time as you. Group Care is a time to learn together and from each other. Group Care has been known to decrease preterm labor, increase breastfeeding rates, and improve knowledge and readiness for birth and parenting.

These visits are a time to get to know each other, to discuss your fears, hopes, and dreams. 

Midwifery care is all about choice, you will be given informed consent about all the different screens,tests, and routine procedures throughout your pregnancy, including what the current standard of care in Edmonton is. 

All appointments include a time to do your blood pressure, fundal height (measuring your baby’s growth), abdominal palpation (to note what position your baby is in), and listen to the baby’s heart rate. 

April: 85 Winfield Heights, Sherwood Park
#215, 80 Chippewa Road, Sherwood Park
June: #215, 80 Chippewa Road, Sherwood Park
#215, 80 Chippewa Road, Sherwood Park
4113 Summerland Drive, Sherwood Park
4113 Summerland Drive, Sherwood Park
4113 Summerland Drive, Sherwood Park
Nov: 4113 Summerland Drive, Sherwood Park
4113 Summerland Drive, Sherwood Park


("land" or "water" birth)

-Home birth: you must live within 30 minutes of EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

      *Royal Alexandra Hospital/Lois Hole/Robbins
Pavilion (water birth allowed) 
      *Fort Saskatchewan Hospital (water birth allowed)
      *Grey Nuns Hospital (no water birth)
      *Sturgeon Hospital (no water birth)

-Hotel Birth: we have a list of recommended hotels that we have been doing births at for years 

-Lucina Birth Center: www.lucinacentre.ca/   


If you are from out of town, we prefer that you stay in town for a minimum of 24 hours, ideally 3 days to ensure that if you are breastfeeding; that it is off to a good start. No postpartum visits will be done at your home if you live more than 30 minutes out of town. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at: hopemidwives@gmail.com